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General Goods

Conrad, Joseph. Heart of Darkness, ready by Richard Thomas unabridged 4 Cassettes $15 *

Edgar Allen Poe Unabridged Readings on Cassette by Ralph Cosham EX $7.00 *

Fifties, The. Four Audio Cassetes read by Edwin Newman. EX $9.50 *

Gaines, Ernest J. A Lesson before Dying, read by Jay Long. 6 Cassettes Unabridged $15 *

Garland Alex. The Tesseract, read by James Daniels Unabridged 4 cassettes $15 *

Grifters, The. Abridged Audio Book on two cassettes--3 hours. EX $7.50 *

Hannibal, by Thomas Harris, unabridged on 8 cassettes. EX $19 *

Hero with a Thousand Faces, by Joseph Campbell, narrated on cassette by Ralph Blum EX $7.00 *

Last Don, The, by Mario Puzo; abridged reading, 4 cassettes, EX $9.00 *

Last of the Mohicans, James Fennimore Cooper. Unabridged on 5 cassettes. EX $9 *

Leonard, Elmore. Get Shorty, read by Joe Mantegna. Abridged, 2 cassettes $12 *

Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy BBC production 4 audio cassettes $15 *

Mr. Murder audio book by Dean Koontz, ten cassettes, 15 hours, $18.00 *

Waller, Robert James. Bridges of Madison County, The. Unabridged, read by author Robert James Waller, 2 cassettes $12 *

Wolf, Tom. A Man in Full, read by David Ogden. Abridged, 6 cassettes $15 *